Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Honesty Fans

I feel we are seeing a lot of -honesty- driven marketing campaigns at the moment. Although they are super trendy, I like them as a fun and interactive approach with target audiences. I came across this campaign this week and wanted to share it with you.

Coca Cola attached their latest campaign to football in Portugal. The company drops wallets in a Benfica (team) club store with a big match ticket conveniently sticking out visible to whomever picks it up. The idea was to make the ticket so visible that people would return the wallet, but take the ticket. And the kicker is the wallet is clearly owned by a rival team supporter! Those who returned the wallet with ticket intact would be granted their own set of tickets as a reward. Coca Cola found that 95% of the wallets with tickets were returned. A pretty great number if you ask me :) All of the good deed doers who attended the match a few weeks later were rewarded once a gain by being shown on the big screen to give them extra love for returning the wallets.

I think the campaign falls nicely in line with the feel good, warm and happy campaigns Coca Cola is used to producing. The Coca Cola happiness tour, happiness vending machines and now the honesty campaign are a great way to extend the feel of their brand.

[via Simply Zesty]