Thursday, November 10, 2011

Contrex, Excerise Bikes and a Neon Stripper!

Here is a great new commercial for a French mineral water brand, Contrex. The water brand claims to speed up the weight loss process with exercise due to it's high calcium content. The ad was the most shared ad over the past 30 days with 656,989 shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs during October alone. The key to the great ad? It makes exercising seem fun!

Filmed to look like an experiential marketing stunt, the Contrexpérience begins with a row of pink stationary exercise bikes on a busy Parisian square. As curiosity grows, people are unable to stop themselves from going over to the bikes and trying them out. As they pedal, the bikes power up a neon string of wires that lead to a building in front of them and an outline of a man appears. As they continue pedaling, music starts and the outline begins to take his clothing off and dance. The faster the people pedal, the faster the outline takes his clothes off. Bottles of Contrex are attached to each of the bikes for the exercisers to try.

Eventually the outline strips down to just his underwear. He seems to leave the screen for a while but comes back with a strategically placed sign that tells the people they have lost 2000 calories by doing that simple exercise.

Not only is this a fun ad, it really appeals to Contrex's target market - women. Women who want to lose weight but without spending hours on a treadmill or eating diet food. The water helps you out, and who doesn't like neon male strippers :)