Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ubox: Mobile Payment for Vending Machines

The Ubox mobile app is now making it possible for Android, iPhone and java based phone holders to provide mobile payments for vending machines. The app users signup for the service and add funds to hteir Ubox account. When they come across a vending machine participating in mobile payments, they make their selection by phone and the cost of the item comes off their account. All purchases made through Ubox are currently set at a 10% discount on the original vending machine price. The video below helps demonstrate the app and the payment method (it's in Chinese).

This technology can be used in many different applications. It would be great to have event goers sign up to the corporate branded app pre-event and then have games, activities, points etc calculated to their accounts via their mobile phones. So many fun ways to integrate interactivity with events.

[via Springwise]