Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Augmented Reality App Shows Road Accidents in Moscow

In Russia, the Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs has launched a new campaign to help promote road safety. To help combat the rise in serious car related accidents and injuries the Ministry wanted an interactive way to engage and inform the public. Using geolocational technology, the Ministry has designed an AR app to allow people to see car-related accidents (and in some cases deaths) in their area. From the app, viewers can see the accident in more detail with photos, video and information. The idea is to make sure that accidents don't go unnoticed. Once people are aware of how accidents can happen and how deadly they can be, they will be more cautious on the road.

Simply Zesty helped designed the app and has launched a promotion to encourage it's use. They have placed chalk-like outlines of bodies on roads through out Moscow. The heads of the chalk outlines are QR codes. For those who don't have smartphones, Simply Zesty designed a main website that provides the same service.

The video below explains the campaign and the app:

I would like to see stats for how successful this project is in Moscow. I am not sure this is an app that people will want to download. Do people really care about car accidents enough to spend time seeking them out using an AR app? Campaigns of this nature - with such grusome promotions - are supposed to be in your face campaigns. This particular campaign allows people to opt-in to the PSA message, and I don't think many will. They may garner some curiosity from the chalk bodies on the streets, but people may not take it serious once they have downloaded the app.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this project!

[via PSFK]