Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sorel and Bears at Sundance

Going to Sundance this year? Be sure to look out for the Sorel Virtual Bear Hunt! The brand has created a virtual scavenger hunt through augmented reality, QR codes, and a Facebook page to win items from Sorel's Fall 2010 collection. Winners will also gain access to VIP areas in Park City during the festival.

Sorel partnered with GoldRun (known for their H&M campaign) to create a free mobile application that will host their virtual scavenger hunt. Ten Sorel bears will be scattered in high traffic areas in Park City. Using the app, people will be able to track down the location of the bears, interact with them and essentially collect them for prizes. QR codes have also been placed on bear ice sculptures, branded cups and in stores on Main Street. When people scan the codes with their smart phones they are immediately entered to win.

A Sorel Pagoda will be set up for the duration of the competition and is open to the public from 10pm on Thursday, January 20 through Sunday, January 23.